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The lawyers and attorneys of the firm provide a wide spectrum of legal services for Russian and international companies

Larisa Guz


Larisa Guz has many years’ experience in legal support of large-scale projects — from security market infrastructure to expert studying and consulting in state management area. She is an expert in the multicorporate enterprise creation in favor of big business. M&A projects supported by Larisa have been totally evaluated at $1,5 bln. Currently, she advises on the questions related to the corporate management in the public sector of the economy, legal support for industrial development and imports phase-out.

Artem Kukin


Artem Kukin began his career as a trial lawyer, participating in large cases on bankruptcy and corporate disputes. Some of his most successful cases include resolving corporate disputes among shareholders of large oil and gas entities in Russia.

Artem Kukin in Chambers and Partners

Alexey Popov


Alexey Popov has participated on numerous occasions as a representative of the party in proceedings in the Russian Constitutional Court in cases on the constitutionality of the various branches of legislation. Alexey participated as an expert advisor in the development of a series of draft bills regarding legislation of taxes and duties, including the development of the General Tax Code of the Russian Federation. Currently, the main focus of competence is in the field of implementation of major transportation and infrastructure projects in Russia.

Alexey Popov in Chambers and Partners

Artur Rokhlin


Specializes in jurisprudence and legal strategies design in a variety of complicated situations. One of the leading areas of practice - competition practice, which he has begun actively to address in 2004. In 2007 he participated in the creation of the non-commercial partnership “Advancing Competition” (now - Competition Experts Association), carrying out examination activities. Currently, works on projects related to public-private partnership (PPP) as well.

Artur Rokhlin in Chambers and Partners

Yulia Karpova


Julia Karpova successfully leads Infralex litigation practice from the moment of the firm establishment in 2013. Her achievement was recognized this year when she was appointed partner in February. 2017.

Yulia Karpova in Chambers and Partners

Dmitriy Ivanov


Dmitriy Ivanov has joined Infralex team in 2014 as a Head of PPP practice. Mr. Ivanov was appointed partner in February 2017.

Maksim Chernigovskiy


Maxim Chernigovskiy has joined Infralex team in 2015 as the consultant of the PPP, Transportation and Infrastructure practice. Maxim was appointed partner in February 2017.

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